Sermon, Easter Turnaround

May 10, 2017

What kind of life turnaround can Easter bring about? Some thoughts about that and on John 20:1-18.



Sermon, Use Your Words

April 11, 2017

Having the courage to speak up can be challenging sometimes and it's even more of a challenge to figure out what words to use. Words are particularly important during Palm Sunday and that's what I reflect on this week using Matthew 21:1-11.


Sermon, The Power of Withness

April 2, 2017

Do we have a guide, do we have strength when we're in the wilderness? Yes. There is power in withness. This sermon focuses on Psalm 91 and Matthew 4:11.


Sermon, The Best Tour Guide

March 12, 2017

When we're in the wilderness, a map is often a helpful tool to help us navigate. Do we have a map for our faith lives when we feel like we're lost or don't know where to go? Jesus certainly thought so. This podcast focuses on the power of Scriptures as a guide as it focues on Matthew 4:3-7 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17.


Sermon, Feeling famished

March 7, 2017

What does the wilderness mean to you? Sometimes it can be a time of renewal as we connect with God's creation. Other times, it might create a little anxiety as we're never quite sure what we'll experience when we go there. What did Jesus experience when he went into the wilderness? That's that I reflect on in this podcast, paying particular attention to Matthew 4:1-2.



Sermon, Rise Up

March 1, 2017

"Relevant" is one of Urban Village's core values and the root of the word means "raising up." How can we live out the Gospel in ways that connect with others and that raises them (and ourselves) up? We'll explore this as we rea 1 Peter 5:1-11.

I mention a link to a Michael Jordan movie in the podcast. Here it is:


Sermon, Defining inclusion

February 21, 2017

At Urban Village, we talk about lot about being inclusive. But what exactly does that mean? There are lots of ways to unpack biblical inclusion, but radical hospitality is one way to take a look at it. I explore this using 1 Peter 4:1-13.


Sermon, Be Bold

February 12, 2017

It takes a certain amount of boldness to build a faith around a person (Jesus) who was rejected many times during his life. And yet that's who we are as Christians. How can we live our own faith lives in the same way?


My apologies for the last 6-7 minutes of this podcast. There was a microphone issue and I didn't have time to go fix it. If you'd like to listen to me preaching this life, check out the Urban Village podcast page later this week.



Sermon, Good enough humility

January 31, 2017

One of the hardest things about living the good-enough life is being humble enough to say that you can't do it all, that you need help, especially from Someone who is always present. This podcast focuses on this and John 3:1-17.


Sermon, Good enough love

January 24, 2017

We hear all the time that we're supposed to love our neighbor, but what does that love look like and what does it have to do with living a "Good-Enough" life? This podcast will reflect on this question and look at Mark 12:28-34.